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Greetings and Hello to All

Decided to write something off of the FB commons for the first time in a long time.

What is going on out there in the world?  Does a man (or woman) have more capacity for change when out there engaged with others among the “working world” or is the rat race far too entrenched in its own machinery leaving very few of the many turning its wheels the time or space needed to understand the point or direction of it?

Maybe that question sounds good but it doesn’t matter……..get out there and find out.  Things are different for everyone.  There is much to do!

Thank You

that will do for today







That is it

Noosphere, that word itself implies something which isn’t material, such as thought but never writing.  Just writing anything on this site is a contradiction of its name.  It is ambiguous enough that some mindfulness could develop an answer.